Report on the CMP in K.V A.F.S Jorhat

On the implementation of C.M.P and its effectiveness in qualitative improvement of primary education, the K.V A.F.S Jorhat under Guwahati Region has implemented the activities to improve the teaching- learning process in the Vidyalaya.


1.Improvement in strategy of teaching learning process

Several steps have been taken to improve the teaching learning process. Like-

a) Motivation of children to be regular in attendance.

b) Making classrooms and classroom furniture colourful and attractive.

c) Providing sufficient place for classroom activities both for individuals and groups.

d) Activity based teaching is done with almost all teachers using TAL/CAL room.

e) The activity cum resource room is extensively used for Power Point Presentation ,

Film show and other group activities that require space.

f) The time table has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of block period for Library and different subjects as per directions from the K.V.S.

g) Burden of teachers has been reduced by allotting all the sections of a particular class to one teacher so that with the reduction of preparation time for lessons, they are able to spend time for quality improvement.


2. Effective use of TLM-

Use of TLM by the teachers beneficial to all the section of the class. The brighter children are asked to make the TLM under the guidance of the teacher by which they are given the opportunity to use their creativity and grow further. The average ones learn the concept better and are encouraged to make their own material while the slow bloomers get at least a pictorial idea of different concepts. The finances required for making these materials are made available by school if required. Use of TLM also helps slow bloomers to get marks as he is able to at least draw pictures. Some TLM are also made by the teachers.


3. Class management- For effective class management, various factors have been taken into consideration -

a) Proper ventilation, attractive decoration and provision of proper infrastructure is made.

b) Discipline is maintained without suppressing the child.

c) Proper seating plan is made in groups (Hexagonal tables in class-I & II)

d) Group leader are made and trained so as to be effective leaders and to help the teachers and his group.

e) Having flexible period timings and inter –relating different subjects notes makes learning that much more enjoyable and fruitful.


4. Responses of students

The entire learning process hinges on the responses of the children. Students are stimulated in such a way that they come out with their queries freely and are encourage to find solutions to problems by themselves. In this way the teaching –learning process becomes lively and child oriented. Use of TAL/CAL, and providing opportunities to let the children think and grow at their own pace were the key to get fruitful outcome in teaching- learning process.


5. On this spot evaluation-

Evaluation is done by CCE. Formative and summative assessments were conducted for third to fifth.

a) Observation of the child and his participation in different activities, either as an individual or group.

b) Oral questioning.

c) Written M.C.Q.

d) Group activities.

e) Quiz.

f) Use of worksheets.

g) Narration.

For classes I &II the ten cycle evaluation system is followed.

6. Students participation in teaching learning process-

Maximum participation of students is ensured in the entire teaching- learning process. Activities are conducted to suit the learning levels of all sections of the class. The work done by the quicker learners is utilized to slow bloomers as the children are motivated by their peers.

7. Student participation in CCA-

Children are encouraged and motivated so that there is maximum participation in all school activities. Along with participation in the different CCA as per calendar drawn up in the beginning of session. Not only at the school level but also various cluster level activities were organized in Bal Divas in the month of November (Photographs enclosed). Community lunch has organized and educational excursion has conducted for all the classes in Primary Section (Photograph enclosed). The most exciting and encouraging has been done very recently by the guidance of the Principal madam Mrs. Dipali Bordoloi. It was the “Magic work by Tiny Tots”- an exhibition by the primary students. It was held on 09.02.12 on the day of Annual Sports Day of the Vidyalaya (photograph enclosed). All out efforts are being put in to realize the aims and objectives of the latest education policies and to bring out the best in the children who have been entrusted to our care. A better tomorrow for our country can only be ensured if children are brought up better. We aim for an excellent reputation for our organization. The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan and for very bright tomorrow for our country.

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