The Vidyalaya has the following facilities:
The school is situated in the heart of JORHAT Township. It is a large H-Type two-storied spacious building. It is equipped with a large playground having Football, Volleyball, Kho-kho, and Basketball courts. There is a large children's park with swings, seesaw etc. The classrooms are spacious, well lighted. There are laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and two Computer Labs. Besides these, there is an Internet Connection with Dais facility. All the 41 computers of the school are connected through LAN with the computer in the Principal's office.

A large Activity Room is present on the first floor for conducting CCA activities. There is a Music room, Lecture Cum Demonstration Room with latest audiovisual equipments.

An outdoor badminton court and all facilities to play Table Tennis, Volleyball, Football, and Basketball are available.

The library is treasure of knowledge for the students .It is well equipped with 18000 reference books and especially designed furniture.

Lecture cum Demonstration Room:
We have recently established one lecture cum demonstration room. This room is well equipped with latest audio-visual equipments. We have received many Educational CDs based on content of different subjects from our Regional Office and we hope that it would be making the teaching learning process very effective and enjoyable.

Details of Audio Visual Aid: - LCD Projector, Television with CPU, Overhead Projector, VCD and Educational CDs obtained from Regional Office.

Computer Lab:
We have Well Equiped 3 Computer Labs. two Junior Lab for class VI to X and One Senior Lab for class XI and XII.

Total No. Of computers are 58 computers.

One of the Junior Lab and Senoior Lab of the school are separataly connected through LAN.

Besides these, there is an Broad -Band Internet Connection facility.
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